Invoice en Route creates PDF quotations and invoices on your Android smartphone or tablet. You can send the PDF directly to the customer. At a glance you can see the status and latest monthly and annual totals, as well as VAT payable to the tax office.

Your privacy is respected. At no time will your data or the data of your customers leave the device unchecked:

  • PDFs are created on your mobile device, not on servers in the cloud.
  • You can create password encrypted backups of the database on Google Drive.
  • Invoice en Route does not call home.

Prerequisite: Android 4.4 or newer

Five quotes, invoices, articles and customers are free.


  • Install your own True-Type-Fonts (TTF) or Open-Type-Fonts (OTF) in Invoice en Route and choose the font for PDF creation.
  • DIN 5008 form A and B templates
  • View unpaid or overdue invoices at a glance.
  • Manage the status of your quotes and invoices.
  • Free PDF viewer included (requires Android 5 or newer).
  • Quotation, invoice and e-mail texts are customizable.
  • Insert your company logo or any picture at an arbitrary position into your created PDFs.
  • Sales tax / value added tax (VAT) can be summed up separately for each different tax rate, e.g. if invoices contain items with regular and reduced tax rates.
  • Quotes and invoices running over several pages are possible. Texts and quotation/invoice items are automatically wrapped. At the end of a page a subtotal is printed, and on the following page, this sum as amount carried over. Letterhead, logo and footer are displayed on every page.
  • Import your customer data like postal and e-mail addresses, phone and fax numbers from your contacts and keep it synchronized.

You can insert data like invoice numbers, dates, customer names or numbers automatically at arbitrary places in the texts by using specific variables. Customize your texts just once and use them for all your quotes and invoices!

More attributes which can be inserted automatically:

  • Due date
  • Supply date, also only day, month, year
  • Customer names
  • Company
  • Address additions
  • Title, salutation
  • Customer number
  • Postcode, city, street
  • Phone, fax

Each quote and invoice has a state which shows you at a glance how to proceed with it. You won't overlook any unpaid invoices anymore and can follow up to unanswered quotes. More statuses:

  • Changes required: Allows you to mark an invoice, for example if the customer does not agree with the invoice and wants a change. This status makes the invoice again be modifiable.
  • Please call: If the customer has not yet paid, you could ask again by phone. By tapping on the phone icon in the bill, the phone calls the customer's number (if available).
  • Please write: Or you could write an e-mail. By tapping on the envelope icon an email app is started.
  • Is checked: Customer checks yet.
  • Abandoned: Customer will not pay the bill.
  • Paid, with discount, partially
  • Reminded: Customer has received a reminder.

Search and find quotations, invoices, customers or articles in many ways. In search of:

  • Quotation/invoice/customer/article number
  • Name, first name, company, postcode, city, country, phone, e-mail
  • Status
  • Quotation and invoice text
  • Quotation and invoice date, due date, date ranges (before/after date, between two dates)
  • or in all attributes matching.